Monday, January 9, 2012

Training starts TODAY

ok, ok I know I am way behind in my training since my first half is in less than a month and I haven't ran since  TX.I was sick this weekend and was not able to run AT ALL. So my plan so I don't kill myself during the half is run 6 miles this weekend, then 8, then 10 then 13.1. BOOM. I can do it. Just pray I don't get sick again.

Anyone have any other advice on what to do for conditioning before or after the race? As well as what to eat?What to wear?

On another running note, I have kept up with my daily mile widget. In fact, I absolutely love it because it keeps me accountable. Also, since my favorite running buddy lives in Texas it allows us to see what each other is running and chat about it with each other. I ended this year with running 68 miles (started counting 10/21) so if you do that math I technically ran 1.13 miles from October to December. In 2012, I want to average that to 2 or 2.5 (lofty goal) miles a day. I know I can do that especially since I have my two halfs this year on top of a few runs I will do locally. That is over 60 miles a month compared to my previous 68 spread over 2 months+. Eh. maybe 1.5 a day? :)

It's going to be a great running year. I just know it.

Happy Running Everyone!

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  1. Yay Surf City! Your plan sounds great, just make sure to stretch a lot so your body doesn't fall apart like mine. As far as what to wear, I'm thinking layers will be best since it'll probably be cool at the start and hot at the finish. The Runner's World website has tons of articles about prepping for a half what to wear, eat, etc. That stinks that you were sick, I hope you're feeling much better now!