Monday, April 23, 2012

The Color Run

SoCal Color Run 4.22.12

So they call it the happiest 5K on the planet.
 And if you like color then yes it is your running mecca. 

To recap, we left our friend's house on Sunday morning at 7:30AM and it should only take us an hour or so to get there especially on a Sunday. We didn't get there until around 9:45AM. The parking situation was hell in the self proclaimed happiest run ever. Yeah. Really? Not after you spend an hour in your car. It was at the OC County Fair grounds and looked desolate. We were freaking out because we thought we would miss the race that started at 9AM but when we realized that everyone in traffic was running as well I got excited because at least we weren't the only ones. Yup, I like to share misery. So after parking and hating life, we  realized the races were going on every hour from 9-12PM. Yes, I know - we can't read instructions. So YAY, happiest 5K on the planet! So Meg and I got into the 10AM heat and started running, it was hard to run since most people were walking. When we hit the first color (Yellow) it was clear to me that I should stop breathing during that time because breathing in the color was slightly painful. Smarty Meg had a bandana. After each color hit I kept feeling more and more like a running rainbow. It was awesome. At the very end of the race you throw a specific color that you are given at the packet pick up to have some sort of a "color bomb" it looks pretty cool from above but from below you are trying to breathe and not gag at the same time. Try it, it's fun.

Afterwards, we decided to grab some food in Marina Del Rey.  So walking around all colorful like you are bound to get stares which we naturally accepted once we stepped out of the car. What made it even better was when people asked "you know you are covered in color, right?" or "what's wrong, you should probably go see a doctor?" From those comments, it made it really hard to not question why people think American's are idiots. Just kidding, well kinda. Anyways, the race is going from city to city all throughout America and is getting sold out after a day or two. Really insane for a brand new race. Will I do it next year? Yes, Sir. 

Close up of all our colorful glory.


  1. omg this looks so much fun!! would love to do it someday.

    1. It was! I do recommend wearing a handkerchief to cover your its hard to breath with all those chemicals.

      Happy Running!