Monday, September 24, 2012

Life is full of surprises

Lately I feel as if life has been like a roller coaster these past few months.

Up and Down and Up and Down. Then errrrrrrrrr. STOP.


Well I had decided that I needed a change in my life. I focused all my energy on this 'change.'

What what I going to change? How was I going to get it done?

I was bored with my mundane life and decided to flip a coin back in June at work. Heads was move to San Francisco and Tails was Sydney, Australia. Either way, it was going to be an adventure and I was going to figure it out all by myself. I was craving a more metropolitan city where I could walk, take a bus or even a train to wherever I wanted. Five years in Los Angeles had finally done its number on me and I was very disenchanted with a city I once loved. So flipping that coin and sticking with it meant everything to me.

San Francisco. 

My New Home!

First step, tell everyone who needed to know. My managers took it really well considering I gave them 2 months notice to find a replacement. My parents were happy I was staying in the U S of A. I, of course was happy I was making it happen. I had picked a hard date - October 5th would be my last day at work and the next day I would fly up to SF. So many emotions were swirling in the weeks following my decision that it made it really hard to focus on work and life in LA. I was trying to network like crazy to find a job beforehand. I had planned to sleep on my girlfriend's couch until I found my own spot which I kept hearing would be really difficult in San Fran.

As life would have it, I would end up staying in LA after being offered a DREAM job.

A few weeks before my departure for SF I was having dinner in some hole in the wall in Hollywood and I ran into an old coworker. I mentioned I was moving to SF and he had just heard of an Account Manager position open at Demand Media/Indie Click and he thought I would be perfect for it. I promised to send him my resume the next day not really thinking I would ever get a response from the company let alone an interview. I did hear from them days later and after the interview was offered the job.

I panicked.

I told them I needed a few days to mull over the offer. My life was already in boxes and I was sleeping on a couch as I was moving in a weeks time! I was mentally prepared to be leaving, everything was set in motion! 

Dream Job or New Adventure?

There were so many aspects of the opportunity that were right in line with everything I had been wanting in a new job. I get to learn digital, musical aspect (I get to manage music websites -indie shuffle is one of their sites!) and work a stones throw from the beach in Santa Monica. They even have an office near my house in Austin which means I have the opportunity to work from there at some point.

So after months of planning a change I am here to stay LOS ANGELES. I'm not done with you yet. While I am so happy and excited for this amazing opportunity I am pretty bummed it won't be in a new city. I will be making a move to Santa Monica so hopefully that is enough change for now.

This Dear Diary entry helps me realize that even though you try to plan your life out a most wonderful and brightly colored wrench maybe thrown at any moments notice. Embrace everything that comes your way. Change is the only constant and it is up to you to figure out how these changes impact your daily life. With Fall around the corner, change is everywhere. The in between stage has always been my favorite. This time last year, I was craving change so much that I started this blog. I promised myself that within a year that my life would be drastically different. And well, it is. Exactly one year later. With each change, I judge how my life currently is & if I am truly living the life I imagined. Which, I believe is another reason change is good. It’s too easy to live our day-to-day lives without pushing ourselves to grow.

My current mantra


  1. This is such a great story. I'm glad things worked out well for you. I'm sure your friends are relieved that you're not leaving them ;)