Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oh Hey There, It's Not You, It's Me - Literally's been a long while since I have written. Do I even have any readers anymore? Crickets..Crickets..

I suppose I could blame it on my "new" job that I started 9 months ago or perhaps traveling like a gypsy or even the move to Santa Monica but really it's the lack wanting to write. I wasn't inspired  - not that I didn't enjoy reading other blogs I just felt that I had nothing to interesting to write about. I'm still not even sure what this blog is - lifestyle, personal, a whatever diary thing. It is time for a makeover, a serious one.  I hope to have this baby updated in the next coming months and to start writing again.

These past few months have been a life changing roller coaster that begins with my little sister becoming pregnant and a Mommy in February to a precious little girl named Aerianna and my older brother finally putting a ring on it with his longtime girlfriend and making an honest woman out of her in January.  My little sister will be getting married soon and my old sister is currently waiting for her ring to arrive any minute now. Big big changes for my family that truly make me feel grown up except the fact that my life style really hasn't change since I was 22. Don't worry guys, I've matured. I comes with age right? I AM 28 now. I'm just going to blame LA.

Over the past couple months I have ran 3 more half marathons - Big Sur 2012, Surf City 2013 and Hollywood Half Marathon 2013 which is a grand total of 5 half's. To say that I have ran that many is a feat for myself and I plan on running many more. I went to a few of my friends weddings in San Marcos, Chicago, Denver and San Diego.   So many beautiful  moments and   I was so happy I was able to share these moments with my girlfriends.  I have a few more this year  that I will have to share! Also, I finally made the move the beach! I now live in Santa Monica with a 20 minute walk to the beach which is so lovely.   I don't have an hour long commute from Hollywood anymore and I never leave my little quiet beach side town.

Wedding Fun!!

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