Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Obsession: Mansions on the Moon

"Mansions on the Moon are like a lazer light show for your ears. They’re relaxed and cool, layered and distorted, and the vocals are completely hypnotizing. But even though much of their sound of dominated by electronic timbres, they’re just as comfortable singing a Kimya Dawson-style narrative over an acoustic guitar (“Tower of Gold”). Okay, so maybe the vocals are still bolstered by computerized production techniques, but it’s what give Mansions on the Moon a signature.

Mansions recruited Pharrell Williams to produce their upcoming Lightyears EP, and they’ve hit the road in support of the album. Fans can download tracks for free from their website up until the release date.
Lane Shaw, Ben Hazlegrove and Ted Wendler – the fellas of Mansions on the Moon - are bringing their synthesized, ethereal electronica to the masses."

You will hear their name a lot in 2012. I promise you that. 

Download the Paradise Falls presented by Diplo and DJ Benzi for a few songs by MotM here.


  1. Thanks for exposing to new music that I normally would not have heard.

  2. We need to do a run together next time you come to Austin.