Friday, December 16, 2011

The Sounds of OZ

Australian Amazingness.

Alpine // Villages

(Alpine Band.) very dreamy indie popish (Other Favorites)

"Who'd take my hand, who'd take my hand
         I wanna show you, something that you never seen"

The Grates // Sweet Dreams

  (GratesWebsite) fun, upbeat indie much like The Givers

"If it's a part of you.
If it's a part of me.
If my colour's blind in all?
wearin' in the sun.
I can't compete."
Architecture in Helenski // Contact High

rubbery analog synths with a drum kick and an 80's flare. Dig THIS.
Download Here! 

"Contact high
I'm done dreamin that we can fly
Am I guilty? Boy you decide
I've got nothing to hide"

San Cisco // Awkward

retro pop feel with a 60's vibe. oh they are all under 18 yrs old. TALENT.

Why do stars fall at night?
well are you here?
I got your message last night, you didn't get mine cause you've been calling me for days.
Why do you hold on so tight?

I am on an Aussie kick with my music lately...

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