Thursday, November 10, 2011

Agnes Obel

There is something to be said about a female songstress paired with a piano. While I feel it is an acquired sound to love, I have always loved it. Agnes Obel has reminded me of that. She has only released one album so far which was last year titled "Philharmonics". She is Danish. She writes all her own lyrics, melodies and records and produces them all as well. Her sound is simple and childlike.Yet, some of it sounds emotionally haunted. The cello adds to the wonderful dimensions already laid out by her. The songs loop and s-w-i-r-l around you in a very majestic way. They shine.

this is spectacular

AGNES OBEL - Riverside by Pias France

Agnes Obel Free Download by agnesobel

Philharmonics by Agnes Obel by posy_

Agnes Obel - Avenue by OpdagNyMusik

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