Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mates of State

check' em out
indie again, yes i know.

but let me caveat by saying...

that this DIY husband and wife team met in lawrence.ks


lawrence is a wonderful place where there is wheat waved and boulevard beer flowing in abundance. a place dear to my little heart, another place i can call home and where i spent 4 wonderful years of my life. i am just going to surmise they are jayhawkers, besides you can't live in a college town like larry and not be one. it is just not p.o.s.s.i.b.l.e.


there are so many different 'textures' to their music and somehow they make it all so effortlessly fluid. lots of synthesizing, piano, steel drums, bass and who knows what else but it works. i'm telling you.

Mates-of-State-Mountaintops by Mickyking
Above is their latest and greatest.

Mates of State "My Only Offer" by Barsuk Records
These two are a favorite from their 2008 album. Re-Arrange Us.

Get Better [Re-Arrange Us, 2008] by matesofstate

The couple have two daughters and bring them on tour. Kori Garnder (the wife) even writes a blog about it all. Pretty Nifty. Read it right here.

currently on tour with the generationals. another great band.

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