Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oh and a pair of these too Santa

The designer, Magda Sayeg, of the 'stunna nitta" shades above started the craze of yarn bombing (yes, it started in ATX.) and has now moved to sunglasses. These are limited edition styles (pictured above) are available for $130. Also! As part of its partnership with the charity foundation OneSight, $30 from each pair will go to help support and restore clear vision for people in need. So technically you are really spending 100 and giving 30 to charity. Win - Win. Go get 'em!

Sunglasses Here.

Magda Sayeg

paris, my dears
 To the left is the Texas capitol yarn bombed, isn't it so pretty. These little yarn thangs are all over the city. This type of creativity is what makes Austin such a fabulous city.

In December her yarn bombin' will be displayed at the downtown Standard Hotel in Los Angeles. I'm definitely going.

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