Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Thankful

As November comes to a close I can truly say that I am thankful for everyone and everything that has gotten me here in my life today but I don't even think the word "thankful" is even enough. I feel so lucky in life with having a healthy family, wonderful job and friends. Blessed.

November Highlights

Turning 27 and feeling so <3'd by everyone
Thanksgiving with my older sister in Seattle, Washington
A.B. coming down from Canada to meet up in Seattle
Pacific Northwest's Ballet The Nutcracker
Buying myself the most amazing gift ever (check out my bucket list!)
Signing up for a course at UCLA! 
Signing up to volunteer at the boys and girls club 

gobble gobble day

27th bday brunch at 26 beaches

pretty seattle

This month was a month of action for me. I signed up for things that I had been wanting to do for ages - things out of my comfort zone. I have taken this month to reevaluate my life and do things for me, to better myself in the ways of school, travel and volunteering. This to me is what life is all about, learning and growing, and taking yourself out the comfort zone. The past few years I had been really comfortable with my life in LA that I didn't see the need for changes. That characteristic is not me at all. I don't even know how I got to be so set in my ways. So this year of being 27 will be all about change. One day at a time. Who knows where I will end up when I am 28. 

Put yourself out there, take risks.

oh make some big jumps, big jumps you afraid to break some bones
come on make some big jumps, big jumps life is your saulte
you hold your head up, your head up high like you think i do

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