Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Handwritten Letters

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So once again it is V-day and everyone and their cat is posting what they got for valentines and what they are going to do. For me, I think flowers are cheesy, yes they smell like a garden but they don't last long. Yes, fancy schmancy dinners are nice too but I am not much of a foodie either. I have always been a huge fan of letters especially from someone dear to you. There are a few things I love more than receiving letters in the mail. It is so personal and out of the ordinary these days which makes it ever so lovely to receive one.  Letters or invitations are something you keep forever, at least I do.

Truth be told, I write a lot of letters.  This stems from writing in my journal during my childhood and adolescent years and yes, I still continue to write to this day. These journals that help me streamline my personal thoughts and feelings are incredibly sacred to me.  I write a lot of letters that I never, ever send.  Love letters, letters of thanks, letters of gratitude, letters of wonder.  I’ve written them to ex boyfriends who have broken my heart, ex lovers who have vanished into thin air, friends who make my life so special and to parents who are so selfless that words could never do their gracious actions justice. I write because it helps me see life in perspective. So maybe I can call myself a writer, maybe.

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