Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

One more day until it's March!
March signifies:
spring is on the horizon
 march madness
  my momma's birthday (i love you so!)
 It also marks a very exciting trip long in the works to see the land down under. A trip that I have been counting for many moons. A trip that makes each passing day exciting as I research things all the different things to experience. A trip that exposes me to a new culture. That is best gift I could ever give myself. Everyone needs a different perspective on life and how the world works. Everyone. I honestly feel that I shine a brighter version of myself when I am traveling. Independent. Self Assured. Savvy. Confident. Brave. Curious. Strong. Alive. and Nomadic. I crave being nomadic and for the past 4 years I have been put in LA. 
I'm thinking there is going to be a change around the corner.
 Sydney and the Whitsunday Islands are going to be such a beautiful experience and to share that with my best friend is really a gift. I have been in need of a out of the country trip for some time now. So in two weeks I will be off on some grand adventure. It will be life changing. I just know it.


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