Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Oh Hello's

"The Oh Hello's are Maggie and Tyler Heath, music-making siblings hailing from the great state of Texas. Their influences range from Mumford & Sons and The Civil Wars to Los Campesinos! and The Pogues, bending and blending styles and genres into a unique mixture of eclectic folk rock. Their debut EP draws inspiration from traditional Irish folk songs in both its sound and its message, from the foot-stomping rhythms of Lay Me Down and Trees to the quiet introspection of Cold Is the Night. The EP begins by confronting the difficulties of love and freedom and ends by embracing them."{via theohhellos}

You can download their album for free or pay whatever you like. And you will not only like but love this band. They are the type of band where you listen to their music from start to finish.

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