Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two Hearts

Mat Kearney // Two Hearts

I absolutely love this song. I have been playing it on repeat all day at work. I was introduced to Mat via Jill one of my roomies in college and have loved him ever since. I hope I can see him in concert one day. He has that "feel good true love is real" type of music. It immediately brings me up.
 Think of him as a happier David Grey. 

"Two hearts flying out together like there's
One love holding us forever in this
Coldworld ain't so much better when two hearts bleed into one
In Young love"

 sounds like two of my other favorite "matts" (Matt Wertz & Matt Nathanson)



  1. Hi) i like your blog) may be lets follow each other? What do u think?)

    1. Hi! Sure thing! Your blog is very pretty! I love the aesthetics. :)