Friday, October 21, 2011

Check Out This Little Gem

You can feel it in your soul. No really. Old Habits by Hot Bodies in Motion.

"Baby-makin' mammal funk, laced with old-school blues roots---Hot Bodies acknowledges the dangers in putting this much sexy into one sound. The melodies are soulful and catchy enough to put that iconic smile on Stevie Wonder's face while the music would make Stevie Ray Vaughan tip his hat." - per their website

Hats off to that description. Not only does their sound reverberate through me but this is why I think they rock:

A. the lead singer is a murse that loves PBR (who doesn't love a man who can take of you and enjoys some quality beer)
B. they are Seattle boys (my sister says they are rad, I won't disagree)

I am diggin' it.

As this is the first song I am blogging about I wanted it to reflect my current sound obsession: blues-esq, funk, indie, feet stompin', whiskey drinking music and all of this preferably in a some barn. Don't ask why.

I want to be ambitious in that I want to add a favorite song of the day but it might be a weekly thing or even a monthly thing depending on my schedule. I also have added a music widget that includes the latest and greatest of my playlists. It will vary. I promise you that.


More songs by HBIM.

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