Monday, October 24, 2011



No seriously. Santa, please please please I have been a good girl this year. But really a $600 globe, who am I kidding? But boy is it purdy.

I have always been one to be nomadic and spontaneous so I have had a love of globes for a long while. That is the Sagittarius in me. And if you really know me, then you know my little obsession with mariposa's which is why I fell in <3 with this object.

One day I will just throw two darts at a map and meet in the middle and see where it takes me. To me, that is my kind of adventure. I'll figure it along the way. When I was younger I was a lot more fear less about traveling. I've traveled to Morocco on a whim, sky dived over the swiss alps, slept in a park in Pamplona during San Fermin (yes, I ran) and even decided to travel to Barcelona with two random boys I met on an airplane solo. (Sorry Mom & Dad!) I don't know if the 26 yr old V would do that now. Must get that back. Must.

For those who want to surprise me you can buy it here. (they also have ones inspired by trees, superman, and where the wild things are etc..)

The designer even has her own blog: pretty pretty globes.

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