Thursday, October 20, 2011

Keepin' Austin Weird. 2011

A native of the glorious city of Austin. I love it there so much that every time I get off the plane, I basically RUN off the plane. Yup, I'm one of those. I was home a few weeks back for a music festival called Austin City Limits. W.O.W.  There hasn't been a music fest that has matched it ever (that includes coachella, osl, wakarusa just to name a few) but perhaps I am biased. Whatever. Anyways, so I met a couple of my highschool friends out there and had the most lovely time. There is nothing like going home (for a week!) and spending time with your family and friends who have known you your entire life. It replenished my soul. Something that was much needed. It was the ten year anniversary and I got to spend it with my best friend miss k.k who I actually went with exactly t-e-n years ago.

A few bands that were especially magical were awolnation (thank you c.h.), bomba estereo, ryan bingham, telekensis, the head and the heart, young the giant (it was raining during their set - epic), empire of the sun, kanye (um he had ballerinas on stage with him, need I even say more?), foster the people, my morning jacket, the cave singers,pretty lights, alexander, manu chao, fleet foxes, and broken social scene. I was in my element.

To top off the weekend, one of my nearest and dearest k.w.drove from the Big D to see me and spend Sunday with me at the fest. You are the bestest. My parents always love having you over at the house.  All in all, one of the best weekends of 2011. Hands down. I feel beyond blessed for everything I experienced. Christmas can't come soon enough!

momma torres and kw at hula hut at the lake
austin is crawlin' with these now.  see a trend jayhawks?
kanye with the ballerinas   
swinging the day away at zilker park. 
I want this tat, thinking bigger though.

oh the hilarity of this. 
Austin Hippies. Who needs shoes?

young the giant.
westlake the best lake. i don't know if i should be embarrassed or not . 
e.a and k.k. love us. 
hs buds.
my morning jacket
310 is LA. I wonder if someone actually packed that in their suitcase. 

fav tree at zilker
nothing beats the open sky in texas.

my lovely little friends. WHS '03
Texas thanks for reminding me you should always drink a beer with a koozie. Don't worry, I'll bring it to California.

and if I was forced to eat queso daily, I would be ok with that..
hipster photo of acl 2011.

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