Monday, October 31, 2011


As I've gotten older more and more people around me are living for themselves. By that I mean creating their own company/world based on their creativity. I realized I had never imagined myself owning my own business or creating a business that was all my own idea. Not to say that I am not ambitious or have great ideas I just never thought about it.

Recently, that has changed.

I have had a few close friends of mine decide to create their own business from scratch. It is completely inspiring. To be so bold as to come up with the idea, create the website and market it all is so amazing. You have to be one strong person. They have taken the plunge by quiting their jobs (and in this economy, SCARY), maxed out their cc's and/or had investors believe in them. They are ready to lose it all just so they can have it all. Talk about taking risks. Something I think everyone needs to do in their life. Why play it safe?

These people are taking a topic/object/dream that they are so passionate about and creating something for the world to enjoy. This is their legacy. They have envisioned something grand and profitable focused around that said topic. While so many people are talkers or dreamers they are doers. They want to do things their way. Watching them talk about it with that twinkle in their eyes makes me want to do something like that in my life. Who knows in what form, but to be absolutely passionate about a job you created for yourself is worth the risk. Take a jump, or in this case the biggest leap ever in your life and do it. Take a chance, at least one.

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