Monday, October 24, 2011

Race for the Rescues 2011

On Sunday I ran a 5K with my dear friend D. It was all the way in Pasadena and I hadn't been there in quite some time because I was pleasantly surprised of how beautiful it is over there. I made a mental note to go out there and 'hang' more often. The Race for the Rescues race was held at the Rose Bowl and it was to benefit 10 non-profit, no-kill, animal welfare organizations. While I don't own any animals (does a few succulents count?) I grew up with them my entire life. So when D asked me to help support and run I said sure! There were sponsored tents after the race and I ended up winning a spa doggy day for D's pup. Mr. P will have one fun day getting a blueberry facial. Lucky dog! I had a lot of fun wondering from booth to booth and might have even got my face painted..

Ever since I graduated I have signed up for quite a few races: The Santa Monica 5000, Venice Christmas Run, ThunderCloud's Turkey Trot and the Zilker Holiday Tree Run just to name a few.  I never was a talented runner by any means but I really enjoy the way you can just lose yourself. I consider myself more the tortoise than the hare but I finish the race. I am usually a 9-10 minute a mile girl currently. I will improve. I find that I have better times running outside than when I do on a treadmill. It is difficult for me to run outside in LA with all the smog that I inhale while running I just avoid busy streets (hard in LA, let me tell ya!)  I will be running in a Turkey Trot in Seattle (hopefully with my lovely sister!) that I am super excited for. I added a mileage widget to the site to monitor my running as I plan on running a half marathon sometime soon and want get my mileage up before it. So I will be adding my miles and times. Improving each time.


my little sister and I with our kitty Princess. I am rockin' that side pony tail like it is no ones business. thanks mom.

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